Post Operative Instructions

New Crowns

A CROWN or a “cap” is essentially a resurfacing or “re-enameling” of the tooth. Usually this is necessary when the tooth strength is weakened and it needs dental work that is strong, long lasting, and/or to replace a lot of tooth structure that is missing. Mild post-operative discomfort can occur after a crown, and since the crown is completely resurfacing the tooth, it can sometimes feel strange, even with the bite, for a little while. If you have any concerns about your new crown whatsoever, it is best to make an appointment with your dentist to have the problem examined.

TEMPORARY CROWNS are sometimes used intermittently. It is vitally important that the temporary crown stays on the tooth, and sustains no damage. In rare instances, temporaries can become damaged or can come off the tooth, especially if you chew something sticky, like bubblegum, or hard, like hard candies and tough foods. If you have a temporary crown, and are waiting for your permanent crown to be manufactured, understand how important that temporary crown is. If any damage occurs, or if the temporary crown comes off, it MUST be put back on the tooth or repaired as soon as possible. Call your dentist right away and let them know.


You have been instructed to bite down on some gauze at this time to put direct pressure upon the area, please do so for 45 minutes. PLEASE refrain from the following for 24 hours: spitting, rinsing, smoking or using smokeless tobacco, drinking alcohol, or drinking through a straw. It is possible to develop dry socket if these things are done, and dry socket is very painful. Ibuprofen, if you are able to use it, is a very good pain reliever, if necessary. If unable to use ibuprofen, please use Tylenol, if your health permits.Also be aware that a little bit of bleeding is to be expected, and when mixed with saliva will make the saliva all look like blood. If there is a substantial amount of bleeding reapply pressure and call us if the bleeding does not cease in an hour.If you have any post operative concerns, please to call your dentist to discuss any part of your treatment.

Root Canals

Most root canals are performed without much discomfort during or after the procedure. However, if you are experiencing some sensitivity, this may be normal. We find that post operative sensitivity can occur right as the local anesthesia wears off or 3-4 days after the root canal therapy. Ibuprofen usually works the best to treat this kind of pain. If sensitivity does not subside within a reasonable amount of time, please contact us, we would be happy to help.


If you have received a new denture or have had a denture repaired, it is possible to develop sore spots either on the inside of the denture or around its borders. This is especially true in the case of a new denture. Therefore, we often expect this to occur and it is normal. If you are experiencing some soreness with your denture, the best way for this to be rectified is to allow the dentist to examine you and the denture, and make adjustments. Please do not hesitate to call us to make an appointment. Sometimes dentists and patients elect to have an immediate denture made for one reason or another. These dentures require the patient to wear the denture immediately following the extractions for 24 hours WITHOUT removing it at all. In 24 hours the patient returns to have the surgical sites and denture examined. Normally, another visit to follow up with treatment is scheduled a few days after. These visits are important for the patient because the structural and soft tissues beneath the denture undergo a great deal of changes after denture delivery. Please keep this in mind. And as always, if you have any questions or concerns, please call and we’ll be happy to help.

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My tooth is terrific! I want you to know how much I appreciate your patience and persistence in figuring outwhat the problem was and fixing it so well. My thanks!
LaClair family dental was very friendly, professional, gentle, and you feel like family. The atmosphere and the workmanship is fantastic.
Dr. Rob LaClair and everyone at his office, I just wanted to let you all know how great I think you are. It’s really special when you can make a person want to come to the dentist! I will be sure to tell everyone about you!
Instead of going to three doctors to get work done, Dr. LaClair does everything. He is a very caring doctor, and is the best here in the Carthage area.